International shipping destinations

I work with international shipping. Sometimes I feel like I don’t talk about as much as it deserves. Does it deserve to be talked about, you may think. Well, I think so at least. International shipping is interesting. If you ask me, it’s far more interesting than domestic. I think most people working in the business would agree with me about international shipping. You’ll have to ask more of us to find out though, I guess.

OK, maybe there is not much to say about international shipping in general. I can’t really shoot from the hip like many others might be able to. What I can do, however, is to talk about what different international destinations we have done shipping to. I can just mention a few of the more spectacular ones we’ve done during the last week.


Yep, international shipping goes to Fiji too, and that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. There are not that many people living there. During the years I’ve worked in international shipping, I’ve only seen this a few times.


Me and my co-workers have a game. Every time someone sees a package that is going with international shipping to Norway, we each get to get a cake. It is a pretty good tradition. This has several reasons, one being that Norway is a pretty popular destination. This means that we, several times a month at least, get a cake. I mean, we don’t get it per se. We just buy it so I guess we could do it more often if we felt like it. If you plan on sending something with international shipping to Norway – Please, choose us.


When I get to 200, I will take my backpack and just go. I haven’t been to Australia yet but I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid. Since I saw the Crocodile Dundee movies, pretty much. I have to go and I’ve already set a goal. Once I send my 200th package with international shipping to Australia, I’m off. No one can stop me.

I can’t do more countries now, but there are so many that I could write about. Do you ever send stuff on international shipping? Where and why? I’m curious!